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The Edge of Quarrel - A Punk vs. Straight Edge Movie (DVD)

  • The Edge of Quarrel - A Punk vs. Straight Edge Movie (DVD)
  • The Edge of Quarrel - A Punk vs. Straight Edge Movie (DVD)

Includes audio commentary by Writer/Director Dave Larson and TRIAL Vocalist Greg Bennick.

Hand numbered out of 2000 copies on the back cover.

From the DVD back cover:

Brian Johansen (Rocky Votolato) returns to his hometown after four years to discover that things have changed. The scene has become a violent place in his absence. Old friends have come to blows and chosen sides.

It's Punk vs. Straight Edge - and the streets are not safe.

Into this mess blunders Brian, only to find that his two closest childhood friends (John Pettibone of Himsa and Dann Gallucci of The Murder City Devils) are now the leaders of opposing gangs. The Punk and Straight Edge scenes have lost sight of the common ground they once shared, and violent conflicts between these two groups have become an everyday occurrence.

Upon learning of this situation, Brian sets out to reunite the scene with common sense and reason. But will Brian's perspective prevail? Or will he too be pushed past The Edge...

Set against a backdrop of mid-90's Seattle and completely cast with people from the Punk, hardcore, and Indie Rock scenes of that era, THE EDGE OF QUARREL has been described as "a welcome piece of filmmaking for any punk who enjoys such endeavors" (Jay Dead, MRR) and "the cinematic equivalent of the scene it's based around... rough, honest, and unconcerned with what anyone else is doing." (Skizz Cyzyk, Microcinefest Guide)

Rocky Votolato
John Pettibone
Dann Gallucci
Mahdis Keshavarz
Aaron Edge
Derek Fudesco
Spencer Moody
Carrie Whitney